Visit this link to listen the exclusive mix by Marga Sol specially made for Buddha Bar Radio – Monte Carlo!

“BUTTERFLIES” – 16 New tracks in sophisticated lounge style, modern groove and deep sounds, chill house and ambient additions… Sensual vocals and variety of instruments…. Two tracks in collaboration with the amazing artists “Project Blue Sun” and “Leo De La Rosa”.
“Falling in Love with my heart, with Life, with the air I breath makes me wanna create music more and more… the feeling when all those butterflies fly inside me, the world turns into magical place to exist in…”. Feel the “Butterflies” inside you!”

From 1st of October available in all stores – Specially created ethno-ambient music by Marga Sol, also used as soundtrack for a documentary movie (“Wonderful Macedonia” (Balkan) that is produced by “Third Ear Production”).
World music, including all times, spaces, universes and energies of our EARTH! Instrumental, meditation music, produced with real instruments and sounds. Marga Sol is presenting her deepest emotions and visions of existence, love and surroundings through this musical journey. This album is totally unique musical experience! (Label: M-Sol Records)!

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Marga Sol’s music is promoted on the Costa Del Mar Radio from Ibiza. Grateful for the support!

Playboy Mk - with Marga Sol

Marga Sol’s latest Official video for the track “Heaven” is shown on MTV from last week!
Best SELL track from Marga’s latest album “Love Sensation”!