From 1st of October available in all stores – Specially created ethno-ambient music by Marga Sol, also used as soundtrack for a documentary movie (“Wonderful Macedonia” (Balkan) that is produced by “Third Ear Production”).
World music, including all times, spaces, universes and energies of our EARTH! Instrumental, meditation music, produced with real instruments and sounds. Marga Sol is presenting her deepest emotions and visions of existence, love and surroundings through this musical journey. This album is totally unique musical experience! (Label: M-Sol Records)!

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Marga Sol’s music is promoted on the Costa Del Mar Radio from Ibiza. Grateful for the support!

Playboy Mk - with Marga Sol

Marga Sol’s latest Official video for the track “Heaven” is shown on MTV from last week!
Best SELL track from Marga’s latest album “Love Sensation”!

Check out MARGA SOL’s NEW VIDEO for the track “HEAVEN” – most sold track from the latest album “Love Sensation”.
Music composed & produced by: Marga Sol
Vocal & lyrics by: Marga Sol
Saxophone interpretation by: Hal McMillen
Video directed by: Elijah Kordan (aka Илче Кордановски)
Casting: Ana Golejshka/Kiril Sardjoski
Locations: Prespansko Ezero (Prespa Lake), Stenje, Galichica planina (Galichica mountain), Skopje City (Republic of Macedonia)…
Official video for Heaven – story that presents the 5th and most important element on the Earth – LOVE, except Air, Water, Earth & Fire; singing about the feeling we experience within ourselves when we are in love… Marga presents the Love itself as an object in the story, the Baloons associate the feeling of flying by interfering the sensation of Love over everybody around us!!! It feels like Heaven when we are full of Love, when we are in Love, wherever we are!

“Blueberry Caffe Vol.1″ – new COOL edition in the stores in groove, pop, jazzy & house style; variety of vocals and melodies. Great for Caffe Bars, but also late night private parties! Special release with special selection of great artists such as: Julias Moon and their great hit track “Bay”, Soul Avenue (Buddha Bar), GAS, Eriq Johnson (Armada Music), Luis Hermandez (Sony, Cafe Del Mar), Florito (Karmaloft Ibiza), Marga Sol (Sony, Universal, Ministry Of Sound), also including Living Room, Miguel Alcobia (Mr Groove), amazing HEIN+KLEIN (Ibiza), Yan Ots (Recovery House)…